Making buying Crypto and NFTs a million times easier

Struggling with knowing where to start in the crypto market? Our experts walk you through the basic principles to set up your first accounts and effective ways to implement the tools you need.

What You'll Learn

By the end of this course, you'll know:

  • How to Buy

    Set up a wallet to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt Coins, and NFTs

  • Crypto Tools

    Understand the lingo, and discover how to find the places you'll need to onboard

  • Tips & Tricks

    Learn about affiliate links, keeping accounts secure and how to navigate the crypto world

What's Inside

Crypto 101 was put together by the True North team of crypto enthusiasts. We're here to guide you so you FOMO no more.

  • 13 video modules with over 2 hours of interactive content

  • How-to guides with step-by-step instructions to get you started

  • Downloadable PDF of sites, apps and links you'll need

  • A deeper understanding of what crypto, and NFTs are

  • End to end setup of an on-ramp platform - from app download to buying Bitcoin

  • Real time walk through of one of the biggest exchanges in the world

  • How to set up an Ethereum hot wallet so you can buy NFTs

  • An entire module on jargon so you can better understand the lingo and culture

  • Learn about the blockchain ecosystem and what industries are ripe for disruption

Meet your Instructors

Jennifer Pereira

Founder of Celestial Group, I'm an investor and entrepreneur helping women navigate the financial landscape and their personal leadership to move the needle on global equality.

Inside the Celestial ecosystem, we're a modern private equity firm connecting paradigm shifting women with smart money and business ownership opportunities. I've seen first hand how creating passive income brings dreams to life.

Laura Fortey

As a real estate entrepreneur, I've bought, managed, renovated, and sold investment properties, as well as investing in real estate financial instruments.

I'm the COO & Co-Founder over at REITIUM - a real estate equity crowdfunding platform and SaaS that utilizes blockchain & smart contract tech that simplifies the process of investing - allowing people across the globe to invest in income-generating real estate, enabling Real Estate for Everyone.

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I appreciated that rather than just doing what they thought was right, they consulted me and guided me. Because of my experience with TND, I have a newfound confidence in this space."


So happy I just bought my first Bitcoin!

This course was quick and super easy, even for a beginner like me.

Mike T

Great course. Worth the money.